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Happy family

Humble Beginnings

In 2018 our third daughter was welcomed into the world, very quickly it became apparent she suffered multiple allergies including dairy, eggs and nuts. My wife who was breastfeeding at the time didn’t want to stop but needed a supplement for her training, her current supplement contained multiple ingredients that our daughter was allergic to so it had to go.

We searched the web for a suitable alternative, we spent hundreds on different products from around the world and nothing worked. We either had to wait a week for delivery from Australia or America, or it was stupidly expensive or tasted horrid (We have never been vegan before so the earthy taste wasn’t nice).

We decided to make our own so we put pen to paper to come up with some ideas. It needed to be equally high in protein to our current whey protein, needed to not include any dairy, egg or nut products, needed to be affordable and needed to taste amazing.

Happy family

The Perfect Recipe

We love fruit in our house and especially home made fruit smoothies, and one thing I personally don’t like about most protein shakes is how thick they are, they sit heavy on me when I’m training so we came up with the idea of turning out product into a soft and smooth protein smoothie.

After many months of planning, researching, trial and error we found our winning recipe, it was soft, sweet and super healthy. No chemical products, no added sugar (My wife is also type 1 diabetic) and loads of pure fruit and vegetable ingredients.

We started using our smoothie at our local gym and eventually people started asking what it was, where it was from and how they can get one so we started selling it to them, Pre bottled and ready to drink. Sales boomed, we cooked and bottled in our small kitchen every night then delivered the next day.

It was exhausting and not ideal, we couldn’t keep up with demand and couldn’t deliver further than we could travel, plus a load of legal issues started to become apparent (although we never had an issue with health & safety, everything was sterile and within the law on that respect).

Happy family

Commercial Development

We decided we wanted to take this commercial, transform it into a powder and sell worldwide so we made contact with a specialist, we worked with them for months developing the powdered version and another flavour, worked on developing branding and packaging and launching to the market.

We are proud to say this is where we are today but we have much more room for improvement, we are determined to be the most eco friendly, most ethical and most loved brand in the health & fitness supplement market so we are putting everything into our packaging, postage and processes to ensure we don’t just minimise our damage to the planet but help the planet recover and improve.

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