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The use of Yoga for Mental Health.

The Use of Yoga for Mental Health

We learn in science that the brain is the control center of our bodies. While our physical bodies are moving to accomplish daily tasks, our mental activity bears most of the weight on our well-being. Poor mental health is almost always accompanied by poor physical health. That is why it is essential to keep our mental health strong as our physical bodies will follow.

If you are looking into improving your mental health, yoga is a practice that would greatly benefit your goals. Considered among the oldest form of exercise, the deep breathing and meditation techniques in yoga effectively keep our mental well-being healthy. Different studies have shown that yoga can help with mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress in great numbers throughout the generations.

This article will discuss the different mental health issues that yoga can address and other benefits of yoga in our lives. But before we delve into those issues, let us learn a brief history of the practice.

What Is Yoga For?

Yoga is an ancient health practice originating from India. The yoga method was more than just an exercise back then because it delved into philosophy and reasoning for ancient tribes. Different forms of yoga spread out across all of India. Each boasted their technique but ultimately shared one purpose, which was spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga in the later years was adopted by the west and became famous around the 1970s. This is the yoga we love and know today, which sadly most people consider a form of exercise.

Yoga as an exercise still focuses on keeping the mind, body, and spirit healthy. Because of yoga’s calm and soothing effects, it is no surprise that the practice compliments people with mental health issues. We live in a stressful society, and some people have difficulty coping with the pressures in life. Yoga is a great practice to help combat these pressures and help boost an individual’s confidence in the process.

Different Mental Health Issues Yoga Can Help With

Although meditation and deep breathing exercises can significantly improve mental health, the physical aspect of the yoga practice contributes just as much. The calm and smooth movements in yoga can easily trigger dopamine receptors in your brain, giving an individual a sense of bliss while exercising. Here are the different mental health issues that the practice of yoga can help with.


Stress is a common mental health issue that a lot of us face every day. While most of us might have a coping mechanism for stress, some do not have an outlet or platform. Luckily, yoga is a great way to relieve stress! The meditation practices in yoga can transport anyone to a peaceful mindset, even when situated in the middle of a busy city.


Most of us experience anxiety right before something important in our life happens. For some, anxiety is such an innate action that we get terrified whenever something new comes our way. Yoga can reduce anxiety by making us feel comfortable in our bodies. Doing poses in yoga, especially in front of a group or person, can significantly improve our anxiety.


While some say that depression is a disease, I am confident that we have experienced being depressed in one form or another. Depression can build up when we have too much stress in our lives. Yoga is perfect for relieving you of depression by renewing your purpose, making you feel confident, and improving your overall self-esteem. In yoga, you will also learn more about yourself through meditation and reflection.

Issues with Confidence

When you practice yoga with a group or with a partner, each session will quickly boost your confidence. Yoga requires individuals to do certain poses that are daring or out of the ordinary. Because of this routine action, you will learn to be confident in some aspects of your life. Also, sharing the experience of yoga with another person can make you feel safe, secured, and vulnerable.


While modern yoga may be considered an exercise, we always believe that yoga is for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Yoga works excellently when all these three aspects are considered. Yoga is a leading exercise that dramatically improves mental health because it transports the individual away from the mundane obstacles in life where stress builds up. If you are struggling with physical and mental health, then yoga is a practice you should try. Namaste.

Many Thanks to our friends at Lotus Kitty for this insightful article. Check out there website for many more articles and advice guides

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